Complaint policy

Do you have any concerns or complaints about the school? We would like to hear about it!
It is very important for us at Stims that you contact us if you have any concerns or
complaints. This gives us the opportunity to correct our errors. With your help, views and
participation, we can develop and improve our school.
Complaints are a way to increase the individual student’s and the parents’ influence. This
helps increase legitimacy by correcting errors, creating improvement tools and by directing
focus on our students.

To whom do you address your complaint?
Your first contact should be your child’s class teacher. If you cannot / or do not want to talk to
the teacher, you may turn to any other school employee, the student council or directly to the

Do you have to leave a written complaint?
It helps us if you write down your complaint! Please put your written complaint in a sealed envelope
and leave it in the school’s mailbox, which is just outside the primary school’s entrance. You
may alternatively give it to a teacher or to the office (to Yasmin). If the complaint is not that
complicated, it is also good to express it verbally.
When submitting a written complaint, please try to include:
 Who have you had contact with?
 When did the problem occur? Has it been going on for a long time?
 What has been done to solve the problem?
 How would you like it to be resolved?
 If you want to talk to us about the complaint, or wish us to respond to you in writing, please
state your name, e-mail address and telephone number. You can of course also remain

When will you receive a response?
The concerned teacher or principal will contact you as soon as possible. All complaints which are not
anonymous shall be answered within one week of the submission date.
Not satisfied with the response?
If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from the teacher or the other employee, you
may proceed with your complaint to the school Principal, Jill Nilsson.
If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from the school principal, you may contact the
CEO, Emma Ekström

Contact information

School employees:

Yasmin Sundberg – administrator
0705-48 48 08

Cecilia Rosenbaum – Principal
0708 – 28 06 68

CEO, International Montessori School Sweden AB
Emma Ekström